Oh Buoy. A specialist in fenders and buoys with an extensive range of models and colours. All our products are manufactured in the UK, made from high quality PVC with no extra charge for fluorescent colours.

  • Double Ended Fenders image
    £6.99 (€7.81*)

    Double Ended Fenders

    Available in 12″, 16″, 19″, 22″, 25″, 32″. Constructed for boats up to 30 feet these fenders provide a high level of quality at a highly affordable price.

  • Single Ended Fenders image
    £4.99 (€5.57*)

    Single Ended Fenders

    Available in 10″, 17″. Rotationally molded from best quality flexible vinyl for air inflation. Suitable for vertical use.

  • Slimline Canal Fenders image
    £5.49 (€6.48*)

    Slimline Canal Fenders

    Designed specifically for narrow boats and other boats in the canal system. Only 4cm in diameter, do not take up much room on small boats.

  • Heavy Canal Fenders image
    £9.99 (€11.81*)

    Heavy Canal Fenders

    The brick fender provides good all round perfomance, and an excellent level of cushioning whilst still being robust.

  • Bow Fenders image
    £21.99 (€25.99*)

    Bow Fenders

    Ideal bow fenders. Central hole for tying down, as well as fixing points at the ends of the arms.

  • Rounded Transom Fenders image
    £18.99 (€22.44*)

    Large Transom Fenders

    Designed to give protection to boats with vulnerable transoms, also gives good protection to exposed corners of marina berths or finger pontoons.

  • Transom Fenders image
    £13.40 (€15.84*)

    Transom Fenders

    Two ‘horse shoe’ mounting clips are provided with each unit. Can bend to fit from a 70 to 90 degree corner.

  • Wheel-Style Canal Fenders image
    £16.99 (€18.98*)

    Wheel-Style Canal Fenders

    Used as a side fender, but also floats on its side to hold the boat away from pilings or an undesirable mooring surface.

  • Marker Buoys image
    £4.80 (€5.56*)

    Marker Buoys

    Manufactured in the UK from the best quality PVC with a 25mm thimbled eye attachment. Available in 6 colours.

  • Slalom Buoys image
    £9.99 (€11.16*)

    Slalom Buoys

    Fully IWSA competition approved for both gate and turn buoys. Moulded using our own formula of ultra soft PVC to reduce injury from skier impact.

  • Pick Up Buoys image
    £13.49 (€15.92*)

    Pick Up Buoys

    Manufactured in the UK from the best quality PVC with a 18.5mm thimbled eye attachment. Easy to grab handle.