Oh Buoy. We specialise in the supply of boat fenders and buoys with an extensive range of models and colours. All our products are manufactured in the UK, made from marine grade PVC.

  • Double Ended Fenders image
    £4.99 (€5.55*)

    Double Ended Fenders

    Available in 11″, 16″, 19″, 22″, 25″, 32″. Constructed for boats up to 30 feet these fenders provide a high level of quality at a highly affordable price.

  • Single Ended Fenders image
    £4.49 (€4.99*)

    Single Ended Fenders

    Available in 10″, 17″. Rotationally molded from best quality flexible vinyl for air inflation. Suitable for vertical use.

  • Slimline Canal Fenders image
    £5.49 (€6.48*)

    Slimline Canal Fenders

    Designed specifically for narrow boats and other boats in the canal system. Only 4cm in diameter, do not take up much room on small boats.

  • Heavy Canal Fenders image
    £9.99 (€11.81*)

    Heavy Canal Fenders

    The brick fender provides good all round perfomance, and an excellent level of cushioning whilst still being robust.

  • Bow Fenders image
    £21.99 (€25.99*)

    Bow Fenders

    Designed to protect the front of the boat against impact. They have three securing points.

  • Rounded Transom Fenders image
    £18.78 (€20.36*)

    Large Transom Fenders

    Designed to give protection to boats with vulnerable transoms, also gives good protection to exposed corners of marina berths or finger pontoons.

  • Transom Fenders image
    £11.40 (€12.90*)

    Transom Fenders

    The Transom Fenders are supplied with two horse-shoe mounting clips with each unit. Designed to give protection to exposed corners.

  • Wheel-Style Canal Fenders image
    £16.99 (€18.98*)

    Wheel-Style Canal Fenders

    Unique wheel tyre-style boat fender. Designed to be used on narrowboats to minimise space consumed.

  • Marker Buoys image
    £5.20 (€5.56*)

    Marker Buoys

    Manufactured in the UK from marine grade PVC with a 25mm thimbled eye attachment. Available in 6 colours.

  • Slalom Buoys image
    £8.65 (€9.63*)

    Slalom Buoys

    Fully IWSA competition approved for both gate and turn buoys. Moulded using our own formula of ultra soft PVC to reduce injury from skier impact.

  • Pick Up Buoys image
    £11.49 (€13.01*)

    Pick Up Buoys

    Manufactured in the UK from marine grade PVC with a 18.5mm thimbled eye attachment. Easy to grab handle.